Customer Service

The final topping is great customer service.

At Westside Pizza, we know that even the best tasting pizza won’t be as enjoyable if your total experience isn’t equally amazing. That’s why we employ a unique company-wide 17-point policy to exceed customer expectations. It starts with the way you’re greeted when you walk in the door. And continues with how your order is taken at the counter or when you call for a delivery.
img guaranteeWe are also proud to offer one of the best guarantees in the pizza business. It states that if you’re not 100% satisfied with your Westside Pizza, you can return it for a new pizza or a complete refund. (The only catch is that you need to return at least 50% of the first pizza, just to keep everyone honest.) We go to these great lengths to ensure your satisfaction because we know you have many restaurant choices. And every time someone walks into one of our restaurants, it’s a chance to begin an ongoing relationship. (All based on our common love of pizza, of course!)