Jason West

The hardest-working man in the pizza business

Jason West

Jason worked his way through school by deejaying local parties and working at a different pizzeria in nearby Spokane. (Name withheld to protect the innocent, but let’s just say it rhymes with “Meatzarita.”)

img hondaOnce Jason realized that his true dream was to one day own his own business, he sold all of his worldly belongings (which included a slightly rusted 1989 Honda Civic Hatchback with over 100,000 miles, a used Technics mixer and a collection of over 700 albums) to open his first location.

On January 4, 1996 Jason’s dream became reality when the first Westside Pizza opened its doors at 163 East 1st Street in downtown Colville. The restaurant has since relocated down the road and around the corner to Main Street, where you can still get the same great pizza taste that started it all.

Now, this story could easily have ended here. Many who knew Jason thought he was crazy to jump into such a risky business venture with so little experience and so much competition from other more established pizzerias. But the young entrepreneur’s tenacity and dedication started to pay off. His delicious pizzas began to attract a strong and growing following of pizza aficionados.

Today the chain boasts over 27 locations in Washington, California and Idaho.