Westside Pizza Story

A little cheesy but oh so good!

The Westside Pizza Story

img jasonThey said it couldn’t be done. But Jason West, founder of Westside Pizza, sold everything he owned in 1996 and opened his first location in Colville, WA. Soon, word of his delicious pizzas made from only the freshest ingredients and freshly-made dough spread near
and far.

Jason’s attention-to-detail quickly earned the appreciation of a growing number of loyal customers throughout the Pacific Northwest. It seemed that people were responding quite well to everything he was offering – from his delicious pizzas with hand-selected premium meat toppings to his unwavering store-wide commitment to customer service.

Today Westside Pizza has over 27 locations in Washington, California and Idaho. After experiencing over 30% growth during the past three years, when so many other restaurants have gone under, we must be doing something right!

So click on the “Locations” link above for the store nearest you and stop by for a real taste treat. After just one bite, you’ll see for yourself why it’s so good to be “all about the pizza.”