No matter how much you love our pizza, there may come a day when you want to try something different. (Hard to believe, but it’s true!) For those times, we offer these delicious oven-baked pastas.

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  • Penne Marinara
    Sausage, Garlic and Marinara Sauce
  • Penne Alfredo
    Garlic and Alfredo Sauce
  • Chicken Alfredo
    Chicken, Garlic and Alfredo Sauce
  • Chicken Carbonara
    Chicken, Bacon, Garlic and Alfredo Sauce
  • Penne Creamy Pesto
    Sun-Dried Tomatoes, Artichoke Hearts and Garlic with Parmesan
  • (At participating locations)
Delicious pizzas aren’t the only things that come out of our ovens at Westside Pizza!